Dog Training With Liz

Dog Training With Liz

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Quotes Liz is the best trainer ever. She knows her stuff and knows how to present it to make the easiest training experience. We were especially interested in having Lillie learn to "stay" in the car when we made stops on our way home to CT and on our way back to FL ("stay" meaning not to try to get out of the car until we were ready to get her out). Lillie is only 1 1/2 years old and has tons of energy. Liz taught us how to handle this situation with expertise and we will soon be on our way back to CT and confident that Lillie will be able to not try to jolt out of the car at every stop. We would like to continue more training on our next visit. Thank you Liz! Quotes
Sue & Bob Ide
Dog Lovers

Quotes I loved meeting Liz, and in the short time I have learned so much from her and will continue to keep up with her updates and all the info she can give me with my 2 ShihTzu. I thankyou so much Liz. Quotes
Connie Mastroianni

Quotes When I first met Liz, I had just happened upon her new, state of the art Doggie Day Care facility in New Jersey. I had two Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies with boundless energy. How perfect for me, a match made in heaven ! Liz was great with the pups in so many ways, from their socialization at Day Care and her private training lessons for everything else, I had two of the best trained Ridgebacks around. I could take them anywhere, perfectly behaved ! It was a sad day for us when Liz moved south. Whenever she comes up our way, Kuu and Tamu remember "Aunt Liz" with endless kisses and tail wags. Even though she is not in the neighborhood anymore, she is only a phone call away for advise and support! We miss her ! Quotes
Patty Wigder
Happy Ridgeback Mom

Quotes Our soon to be 2 year old Goldendoodle, Bentley, graduated from six months of service dog training with Liz Gruen on October 29th. Thanks to her very capable and caring canine training, he achieved the status of a registered Diabetic Alert Service Dog. She turned our dream of having a service dog for my husband into a reality. Whenever we became disheartened or frustrated, she had a solution. She is an amazing and empathetic person. Her bond with dogs is boundless. We give Dog Training with Liz our ?Seal of Approval?. Thank you so much, Liz, Jennifer Anderson-Habina and Richard Habina Quotes
Skip and Jennifer
Diabetic Alert Dog

Quotes In just a few weeks, Liz was able to teach me how to drastically reduce years of excessive barking when doorbell rings. I have 2 dogs (one is 8 and the other is 2) and both responded very well to Liz's training. She also taught me how to teach them basic commands (i.e. sit, down, come, stay, heel). I would highly recommend her services. Her level of patience, knowledge and professionalism were outstanding. Thank you, Liz!!!! Quotes
Mari Alzamora

Quotes I walked my dog last night after week 5 of training. I had TWO neighbors stop us and give Jack praise for being obedient! Our dog had a bad reputation amongst our neighbors, so this was a huge accomplishment. We still have work to do, but we are thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Liz! Quotes
Daniel and Suzy Blaha
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Liz is such a wonderful person and a fantastic dog and human trainer. Liz had her handsful just teaching all of us. Lexi our dog was a piece of cake. Liz has such patience with dogs and humans. Once training is over Liz is still just a phone call away. I would recommend her to anyone with dog issues. Thank you Liz we love you! Quotes
Training us humans so we can train our dog

Quotes We have a 2 year old Red Heeler Cattle Dog named Charlie who at 6 months of age became very protective and very anxious. She did not tolerate visitors or other animals. We couldn't have visitors over or take Charlie for a walk without having a muzzle on her and even with the muzzle she would still bark and carry on at anyone outside or any other animals. We contacted Liz and started training with her and I am happy to report that after a few months Charlie is a very different dog. We are able to walk her without a muzzle and she doesn't even bark at other dogs. We are also able to have visitors to our home. We will continue to attend Liz's obedience classes as she has been so helpful and we have learned so much from her. I highly recommend her; she is absolutely amazing!! Quotes
Cindy and Chris Barney

Quotes Liz has been very helpful to us with out troubled Great Pyrenees. Liz was able to 'zero in' on our problems and offer solutions that were practical, helpful and doable. In conjunction with our vet @ VCA Village we were able get the meds to effect the behavior changes we needed and Liz's training methods put it all together...thank you again for a job well done. Quotes
Bob and Nancy Parker
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Radar my Black Lab Mix came to us via a friend of my mom's. That was Liz. Liz asked mom if we had thought of getting a service dog for me since I have Cerebral Palsy. We didn't think it was an option because of the expense involved. So Mom and Liz went to the local shelter and out of three possibilites picked Radar. Liz said he showed the most potential to work with and train to be my service dog. He was heartworm positive and had to go through heartworm treatment. Since he had to stay relatively quiet (which is hard to do for a lab) Liz showed us how to work on basic commands while he was recuperating. After he was well enough, Liz showed us how to teach him to retrieve my walker, set up the door handles in the house and teach him to open and close doors and to pull my wheelchair. We have a long way to go and Radar is learning new things every day. With Liz's guidance and my determination he will be a great service dog. I love my boy! Please protect your dog against heartworm! Quotes
Kelly Johnson
Service Dog Owner and Handler in Training