Dog Training With Liz

Dog Training With Liz

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Quotes We contacted Liz and from the moment we met, we knew we had made the right decision on training for our Weimeraner puppy. Liz has been doing training for many years and has the know how and temperament to handle many breeds of dogs. We have been so impressed with our puppy's obedience training we signed up for 10 lessons. Liz takes the puppy to many places a dog wouldn't normally go and has the dog exposed to many noises, children, aisles in stores, directional commands, adults who want to pet our puppy, all the while getting training to handle these situations. We are better dog owners knowing we have been trained as well and can continue our dogs successes. Liz was the perfect person to train our puppy and will be for yours as well. It was our first choice and it was the best decision we made as dog owners. Quotes
Liz knows dogs

Quotes Being a U.S. veteran I realized my american yellow lab service animal was getting older. So I adopted a new english yellow lab puppy (Casanova). I was glad to select Liz as a trainer because she was the only person who trained animals the way service animal companies do, thru positive re-enforcement..Liz trained casanova from 8 weeks until 1 year producing a well behaved, unobtrusive, professional animal.. Quotes
David DeMario
USN Retired

Quotes Our soon to be 2 year old Goldendoodle, Bentley, graduated from six months of service dog training with Liz Gruen on October 29th. Thanks to her very capable and caring canine training, he achieved the status of a registered Diabetic Alert Service Dog. She turned our dream of having a service dog for my husband into a reality. Whenever we became disheartened or frustrated, she had a solution. She is an amazing and empathetic person. Her bond with dogs is boundless. We give Dog Training with Liz our ?Seal of Approval?. Thank you so much, Liz, Jennifer Anderson-Habina and Richard Habina Quotes
Jennifer and Skip
Very satisfied customers,

Quotes We have two new golden doodle puppies, brother and sister. It's like having twins, double everything. We don't know what we would do without having Liz. We had her come to the house for home sessions. This turned out to be a good move, I am very glad we did. I have had dogs all my life thought I knew enough, found out that I didn't know as much as I thought. They already know at 14 weeks more than my older dogs of the past. And more importantly we know more than we have in the past. We know that we have work ahead of us but we are much more confident and at ease thanks to Liz. We love our new additions to the family, thanks Liz for being there. Quotes
Bill, Christy & Bobby
Very, Very Happy Client

Quotes Liz can work wonders. I remember the evening before our first obedience class. I did not know if Gyp had it in her. She had many hurdles to cross. Each success brought more confidence. We worked but, it seems the hurdles began to fall away. Now she is proud of herself and her confidence shows in her stride. Gyp loves to do her stuff and she enjoys learning new things. I was putting down in a journal the things Gyp can do. I didn't know if I could think of many. I could hardly write fast enough. The list is very long. It ranges from bringing my slippers and the phone to opening the handicap door at the mall and picking up things I drop. This is a new dog and our bond is much greater because of our efforts together. I am a disabled veteran and Gyp is now ready to graduate as my Service Dog. If you think you can't teach an old dog new tricks?LIZ CAN ! Gyp is almost six. She was rescued from abuse and neglect at one. Quotes
R. Wayne Wensell

Quotes We recently adopted a pound puppy. When she turned 4 ½ months old we realized we needed help with training. In only a few sessions Liz helped us turn things around. I have received several compliments on how well behaved my puppy is and I owe it all to Liz. I look forward to further progress as we continue our dog training with Liz. Quotes
Amy Velazquez
Happy Client

Quotes I want to send a big thank you to Liz Gruen from Dog Training with Liz. She has been our dog trainer over the last couple of months for Charlie and has taught us so much. For those of you who don't know, we have an extremely protective and anxious dog. Thanks to our training with Liz, we are able to have company at our house and are able to take Charlie out for walks. We have come a long way!! Thank you Liz!! I highly recommend her for anyone who has issues with their dogs!! Quotes
Cindy Barney
Happy Customer

Quotes In October I returned to Florida with a 5 month old white deaf boxer named Cassie. My vet recommended I contact Liz for help with training. Liz has helped me understand Cassie better and the traning help has been terrific. I've had Boxers for 20 years and Cassies is already a better trained pup thanks to Liz. I'm sure I will continue to work with Liz as Cassie grows. Quotes
Dennis Wentworth
Happy deaf boxer owner

Quotes Our German Shepherd puppy, Hans, was simply out of control around other dogs. He was disruptive in puppy class and was unable to participate in any basic training around other dogs because of his nervous, out of control barking and behavior. Socialization at doggie day care introduced him to other dogs but he was still high energy and a nuisance to other dogs and often had to have "time outs". All of that changed when we met Liz. She came to us highly recommended by the day care and she developed a training plan that instilled confidence in both Hans and us. Today our dog participates in puppy class and works alongside his "peers" to learn new skills. People who see him remark on the change in his demeanor and more than once I heard "your dog seems so much happier now". Liz is a hands on trainer with high expectations of owners to stay consistent with training lessons. We strive to meet those expectations because our dog's happiness depends on it. Quotes
Emily Rothenberger
Grateful Customer

Quotes We have a beautiful German Shepherd. Rex is 13 months old and 83 lbs. We need a dog that will listen to commands and walk without pulling or jumping. Liz is the best trainer ever. In a short time Liz taught us how to effectively apply commands like stay, come, no jump, down, heel. Liz helped us to have control over Rex. We have learned so much from her updates and all the information she gave to us. With Liz's guidance and our determination Rex is on his way to being an obedient and happy dog. Thank you Liz!!! Quotes
Economopoulos Family (Barbara, Stavros Jr, and Sr.)
Extremely satisfied customers
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