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Reason for Vaccinations

Posted by lgruen56 on April 2, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Every dog should be seen by their veterinarian on a yearly basis. In Florida, dogs need annual heartworm tests. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos! A heartworm test requires a small blood sample. Heartworm prevention is a necessity. Help prevent Heartworm in your dogs.  The disease is deadly and costly to treat.  Also, Florida State law requires your dog to have a rabies vaccination. This used to be a yearly immunization, but newer laws recognize the 3-year vaccine. Rabies is the only vaccine mandated by law. It must be administered by a veterinarian. These are two important reasons to see your vet every year. 

There is also now a 3-year distemper vaccine. The Rabies and Distemper are the most important vaccines for your dog. If you are from up north, you may not be familiar with the leptospirosis vaccine. It is very important here in Florida due do the wild life in the area, especially Raccoons. This disease is transmitted via the animals excretions. This vaccine is also necessary if your dog likes to swim in ponds that are untreated.


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